Welcome. I’m Rob, I live in Scotland, and I’ve decided to build and run a Caterham 360. I don’t have any experience of maintaining or servicing cars, so I’m not used to getting my hands dirty. I do like a challenge though. These pages will share my experience of the build from start to finish, and beyond. Do get in touch if you have any questions, comments or advice; there is a comment form on every post, or you can reach out directly to me on email via the contact form. I’m also on Twitter at: @Caterham360build.

The Caterham 360 is in the middle of the current Seven range, which starts with the minimalist, charming 160 and climbs to the completely bonkers 620R. The cars are available pre-built from the factory (for an additional cost), or as a kit – the exception being the 620R which you have to have built for you.

I’ve got a decent-sized garage to work in, and a rare thing these days: an inspection pit to allow me to get under the car. Well, it’s something to get me started, who knows if it’ll actually be useful.

Please have a look around, enjoy the site and let me know what you think.

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