Adjustable Suspension Update

The adjustable suspension has been a bit of a success.

My front suspension is now sitting at around 150 mm, measured from the bottom of the chassis just under the rear wishbone arm, and around 185 mm at the rear, measured at the ARB mounting bracket. I can now officially clear a coke can with the sump, just barely. This difference in ride height means I’m now set up with a slightly greater than recommended rake, up by about 10 mm over the 25mm recommended in the Assembly Guide.

Rocking the new collars.

The adjustable suspension in place, prior to the final adjustment to crank it up a bit higher.

This has made a world of difference to the practicality of the car for me. I can now drive it out of the garage without ramps – that process was a massive pain – and it also clears the end of my driveway, again without ramps.

As far as handling on the road is concerned, I’m not sensitive enough or a good enough driver to notice a difference, but it is still as glued to the ground as it ever was, and throwing it around Knockhill hasn’t revealed any worries. I had though the rake might have induced it to be tail happy, but if it has, I haven’t come near being brutal enough to demonstrate it.

Come the winter I think I will get it properly set up and flat-floored ready for summer ’19. It looks like Summer ’18 is going to be long and hot, so I’m not going to miss any chance to get out there in the car.

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