Interior panels and sidescreen final fit.

Having thought about trying to balance door, escutcheon brackets, piping, sill protectors and interior panels all at once, I’m glad I thought better of it and came back to it the next day.

To start the process, I positioned the sill protector, piping and knee trim panels roughly, and then spent an hour or so trying to line up the drilled  holes in the knee trim panel with the holes drilled in the fitted panel inside the footwell.

The holes don’t line up. I got them to within a few mm, but was just on the point of forcing the knee trim where it didn’t want to go, when I thought better of it, emailed Derek, and got on with something else (the petrol filler cover and trimming the carpet to suit). Sure enough, no need to line up the holes, Derek said, drill new ones in position.

I positioned the panel, drilled holes at either end to hold the panel in position, fitted the piping, drilled through that, then popped in a couple of self-tappers.

On to the sill protectors. I’ve got stainless ones, and that means they are pretty tough to drill. I cracked out a new set of bits, positioned the sill protector on the sill, then went through the same process for each hole:

  • Give the sill a tap through the pre-drilled hole with a centre punch.
  • Drill a pilot hole.
  • Follow on with the final size drill.
  • Put a rivet in position to hold the sill in place while the others are drilled.
  • And repeat…

I worked out roughly where the escutcheon would sit, then drilled holes though that too, although not though the centre hole of the bracket – I’d return to this later and run the drill through the rubber so the armrest would click into place when the sidescreen is closed over.

Once the sill was positioned, I went through the same routine with the rearmost side panel, but with less drilling – just through the piping. I clipped the piping to be a neat overlap, which worked out really well.

Then the pop riveting. I hadn’t been looking forward to this as I just have my Dad’s old pop rivet hand-gun. In reality it was a breeze although I was getting tired of it all after the 30th rivet or so.

Then it was a final fettle of the doors, the last poppers in the door straps/side panel and the interior is done.

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