Sidescreens, first fit

I’m now in a sequence of tasks that will end up with the completed interior. So, with the hood still in position, I fitted the doors. This in turn would let me fit the sill protectors, screw the footwell knee trim and rivet the side panels into place.

Another use for the masking tape, this time marking up the position for the hinge pins in the metal frame of the sidescreens. After a bit of experimentation, I used a centre punch to provide a dimple in the very hard steel of the sidescreen to guide the drill, then a pilot hole before finishing off the hole with the right diameter drill bit. Bring your best bits, or buy some new ones as between the doors and the sills (if you have the stainless ones like I do) you are going to need a good, sharp cutting edge.

It’s simple enough but well worth measuring twice and drilling once to get the positioning correct. It’s a case of aligning the curve of the rear wheel arch with the screen, as well as tucking it into the roof and in behind the windscreen, to form a weatherproof seal.

If you have an SV, or you chose them as an option in the S3, you’ll have armrests and escutcheon brackets to fit together too, and the positioning of these is fixed by the doors and links into the sill/piping and riveting to come. Phew, this is a lot to think of all at the same time. I decided just to get the doors on first, as there is room for fettling and final positioning later.

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