Rear lights

Fitting the rear lights proved to be straightforward once I got my grommets sorted. The process required the rotation of the internals of one of the lights through 180 degrees as they are supplied as a matched pair. I don’t find the brake/indicator cluster particularly attractive, even with the clear lenses which my pal Rav has generously gifted me. They are one part of the car I will be looking to change fairly soon.

Not for now though – I need to get these attached and working. It’s as easy as feeding the wiring through, offering up the light and gently fixing using a self-tapper and the pre-drilled hole in the wing, then using my new-found confidence in drilling fibreglass, popping in a pilot hole for each other screw. I drilled out the hole diagonally opposite the pre-drilled hole, fixed the light and then drilled the remainder.

I then tried to fit the grommet to the wing, very successfully too, before realising there is a grommet fitted into the back of the rubber wedge the lights are mounted on. The grommet actually needs to go under the wing into the chassis hole where the plug connecting the lights to the loom hides.

The rear numberplate light is also a quick fix, although the internals are from the 50’s. I needed to pick up some bullet connectors from Maplin to make the connection, but aside from that and ensuring the bracket was well earthed, it just bolts straight on.



And there we have it – rear lights up and running in under an hour.

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