Radiator and fan mounting

The radiator on the SV chassis is mounted differently from the S3, so says the manual. Just mount it on the brackets provided.

As there were quite a few components to assemble and I was working with the very vague instructions above, I pulled the parts together on the bench for a dry fit. The S5 brackets were quite straightforward to mount on the front of the chassis and have small cut-outs for the anti-roll bar. The radiator, preserved in it’s own cardboard box and with masking tape over the inlets, mounted on the bobbins pretty easily too. So far so good. But I hadn’t yet mounted the fan. So, off with the radiator again and back to the bench.

The fan mounting brackets come in their own plastic bags, and the fan itself in a box with another bag marked “Cooling” as well as a few other bits and pieces. I couldn’t get the mounting holes in the fan assembly to match with the brackets. Frustrated, I turned to the blogs, remembering I’d seen something in Andrew Bissell’s pages about mounting the fan and radiator, where he talks about some plastic clips. I found these in the cooling bag in among lots of other bits and pieces. Thanks Andrew, you saved me pulling my hair out. The clips snap into the fan assembly and provide the means to bolt it to the brackets. No mention of any of this in the assembly manual.

Fan mounted

Fan mounted before radiator goes on.

After this, things are pretty straightforward. The radiator goes on over the top of the brackets here and is fixed in place. Then it’s just a matter of trimming the top radiator hose and fitting the lower, and the cooling system is starting to come together.

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