Garage ready, two sleeps to go

I’ve finally got the garage ready. Not quite complete, a mishap during the fitting of the new garage door saw to that, but ready. It’s been a busy three weeks. Floor laid, new door fitted, bikes hung on hooks, lots of tools tidied away, an engine crane built and lots of storage and organising things attached to walls.

Here’s where I started, as per Me and my midden:

Garage before.

The Before Picture.

And here we are today:

The After Picture

The After Picture

Despite the dodgy hair, that’s me ready. I do have more than one t-shirt too, I promise. In the floor you can see I’ve painted three of the twelve pit boards red. Only three. I will paint the rest, but have been prevented from finishing them by a mishap. During the fitting of the garage door, one of the workmen fell off a ladder onto my workbench, knocking off a tin of the red paint, which then spilt over the floor. I’ve replaced a total of 13 (just over 3 sq/m) of tiles as a result in the area I’m standing in the photo above.

Having done a bit of work assembling the engine crane on the new tiles, it a lot more comfortable than working on the concrete, and very easy to clean (excepting red floor paint). Any future builders out there who are wondering if tiling the floor is worth it, there is no doubt in my mind, even before the car arrives. You’d be daft not to.

A few in from the outside with my young helper testing out the swivel of the bar stools. This is also the first time I’ve had a hoover in the garage. It’s been used a lot. You can also see the engine crane folded up in the far corner, it’s much more compact than I expected when folded. It’s a serious bit of kit.

From the outside looking in

From the outside looking in

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