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  1. Hi Rob

    Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading the posts on your site, particularly your very accurate description of the ordering process ! I ordered my kit a few months ago (due for delivery in November) and went through the trauma of changing colours (pearlescent roulette green to crystal white with orange decals and eventually settled on riviera blue with orange 620R decals) and various options (big brake ? nosecone whiskers ?) – Graham Beeson deserves a medal for his patience ! To make matters worse this is my second Caterham (I built and R300 in 2004) so I have few excuses for the indecision – my only saving grace is that I live 15 miles from Crawley so can easily pop into Caterham South. Like you I need to prepare my forthcoming second home (garage) and am both looking forward and dreading doing it (painting brick walls is not fun in my previous experience). Good luck with the preparations – look forward to reading your future posts.



    • Thanks Martin! Love the colour scheme. A car like the 620R deserves to stand out and the riviera blue/orange will certainly do that. Let me know how you get on in your garage, and when the car comes. I can’t imagine driving a 620R – I think I’d be nose first into the nearest ditch. At least then my paintwork choices would not matter as much. Enjoy the wait, and I’d love to see some pics once it arrives.

      • Hi Rob; sorry I wasn’t very clear with my mail. Unfortunately (or probably fortunately…) its not a 620R but a 420R – my budget wouldn’t stretch to a 620R and also I wanted to build the car with my sons; when my youngest was born 10 years ago we had to move to a bigger house so my beloved R300 had to go to help with the mortgage – it was a very painful experience (I still have twinges of sadness now) ! I have warned the family that there is more chance of one of them being sold this time ! Building the R300 was great fun and I’m really looking forward to doing it again – bet you can’t wait…….

        • Ah! It was your mention of the colour scheme that threw me. Brilliant: you are a builder – hopefully we can share frustrations and help each other through the process. The fact that you are building your second tells me it can’t be that bad. And you’re right, I can’t wait. My new tool cabinet and engine hoist arrived today. I’m like a kid at Christmas.

  2. Its not bad at all – in fact very much the opposite. It took me 3 months to build my first car using evenings and weekends and I can truly say it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. Fellow owners are fantastic at providing support, both advice and hands on – in my case two from the owners club rolled up on a Saturday morning with a hoist and helped me put the engine in with only tea and bacon rolls as recompense. Caterham themselves are also great, particularly with the inevitable missing bolt here and there. The resource I found most useful was the internet so I am about to install a WiFi extender in my garage ! Look forward to seeing the pictures of the new tool cabient….

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