The Ordering Process

The Ordering Process. Also known as sweating over the Caterham order form for hours on end, gazing at the ceiling, researching on the web, ticking a box, rubbing it out… and repeat.

For a minimalist car, there are a lot of options.

For a minimalist car, there are a lot of options.

I quickly settled on the 360S, which I think is the right combination of power and agility for me. The 420 and 620 are just a bit too nuts for my first Caterham, the 160 too tame, and if I had a 270 I would always be looking at the 360 and wishing I’d gone for that one. No disrespect to the 160 or 270 crowd, just they’re not for me right now. So far, so good.

I went for the S pack because the car will spend 90% of it’s life on the road, making the track an occasional bit of fun.

Other options:

  • SV body.
  • Lowered floors.
  • 13″ wheels.
  • Battery master switch.
  • Easy-in roof.
  • Aero filler cap.
  • Paint – Nuclear Red with a Platinum Silver painted stripe. No nose band. I originally specced the Lotus colours but decided I wanted something a bit different but without adding too much expense.

I took my time with the paint, considering going aluminium for a while, but in the end the thought of all that polishing put me off. Also, the paint job comes as part of the S pack so I may as well take it.

The Caterham order process work something like this, at least for me it did:

  1. Have the conversation with your dealer or direct with the guys in Crawley, as I did, over the phone. Graham Beeson helped me out, and was very patient and helpful with the options.
  2. Tick a load of boxes on the order form and cringe at the total as it racks up.
  3. Part with your initial deposit to get your build and delivery dates allocated.
  4. Agonise some more about the boxes you ticked. Change your mind several times.
  5. Receive the email asking for your second deposit, agonise some more about those options.
  6. Finalise and sign the order form once and for all.
  7. Part with your second and much chunkier deposit, ensuring Caterham will actually build your car kit.
  8. Begin the long wait until the kit is delivered and the final balance is due.

Five months to go. It’s going to be a long summer.

[Update 14/06/17: now I’ve completed the build, there have been some unintended consequences of these choices. See Ride Height post.]

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