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Here’s my selection of the best of the blogs out there to get a feel for the build process, the problems, the legend that is Derek at Caterham Cars and the feeling of achievement at the end.

Martin’s 420R Build Blog documents his second build. Martin was building at the same time as me for a while, until he finished much more quickly than me. His attention to detail and experience from his first build means his blog is full of insight.

Team Ivans Front Page

Team Ivans Front Page

Team Ivans. John and Carl provide plenty of great build advice, common sense, and a bit of fun. The site also has some “living with the car” and maintenance posts. Check out the Build Tips and Preparation Tips sections and the really handy list of tools and equipment used. Also included is a log of the time spent on the different stages of the build, to give an idea of the effort involved in each stage.

Daniel French's R500 Build and Ownership Blog

Daniel French’s R500 Build and Ownership Blog

Caterham R500 Build and Ownership Blog by Daniel French. Daniel posts a lot of detail on his blog, and his post on how to fit headlight wiring is referenced frequently on other blogs. Much of the rest of his posts are of this level of detail and he also still maintains the blog with his experiences in the R500, one of a very few to be built outside the factory. Daniel’s stories about the seat deliveries and gearbox leakages are also interesting.

Screenshot of Andrew Bissell's Roadsport 175 SV Build Blog

Andrew Bissell’s Roadsport 175 SV Build Blog

Andrew Bissell’s Caterham 7 Build Blog of his build of a Roadsport 175 SV is also full of detail, advice and problem-solving and is frequently mentioned by other bloggers. In particular I found Andrew’s photos and description of his build of the front suspension particularly useful. His use of photos and clear explanations of what is going on in them really works well. Andrew is keeping his blog updated with blat reports and life with the car in general.

Nigel Pugh's Superlight Twenty Build Blog

Nigel Pugh’s Superlight Twenty Build Blog

Superlight Twenty Build Blog plots the build of one of the Superlight 20 limited editions released for order in 2015, undertaken by Nigel Pugh. Nigel’s enthusiasm and knowledge of Caterham Cars shines through – this is his sixth Caterham but the first one with an alu finish. I’m looking forward to hearing how Nigel gets on with the finish in the real world. Will he regret not getting the bodywork painted?

Screenshot of Midlife Crisis Meccano

Midlife Crisis Meccano

Midlife.crisis.meccano is also worth a look. Written with a sense of humour, an also of particular interest for me, the author Scott Saunders lives nearby and pulled a neat trick in getting his car on the road. He had it IVA test before the Post-build check (PBC), and posted in some detail about the IVA process in Livingston. This approach saved him a lot of miles with the car on a trailer, as once the car has passed IVA and the paperwork is done, you can drive it on the road to the PBC. Thanks Scott.

Marcus' 420R Build Diary

Marcus’ 420R Build Diary

Marcus completed his build in August ’16. His Caterham 420R SV Build Diary is written with lots of detail in photos, writing and problem-solving, which is really useful for my build prep. Because of my IVA challenges, Marcus’ detailed posting about the items required for the Nottingham IVA centre gives me a steer on what I need to consider for Livingston, although he tells me each IVA site has it’s own idiosyncrasies.

Have you come across a great build blog which isn’t featured here? Let me know about it in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Other Build Blogs

  1. Thanks for the comment about my Superlight Twenty build blog, I am glad it provided you with some good reference pointers etc.

    As far as your comment on the bare alloy body work. I am not regretting it at all, but of course in can be a PITA to keep it clean.

    Therefore it just seems to remain with finger prints and rain marks on it most of the time, as I spend more time driving it than polishing it!!

    • You are welcome Nigel – I enjoyed following your progress. Good news about the alu finish. More time driving than polishing is the way it should be! I’ll definitely consider it as an option in the future.

      I asked you a while back about the light mounted on the wall that you installed. Although it looks really handy, I think I have a bit more width in my garage than yours and had trouble deciding where it would go. As a result I’ve copped out and decided to leave it for now – I’ll see how I get on and could perhaps add it in the dark winter months if it will prove useful. Enjoy the driving!

  2. Great blog and your kit hasn’t even arrived yet. I think I also have pit envy. Looking forward to reading your updates. Having checked the weather it looks like a blat to a garden center with the other half is on the cards tomorrow. All the best with the build.

  3. Thanks for the link to my blog too, I really enjoyed putting that together too, and a lasting record of the journey. I really enjoy reading other folks blogs, and can’t wait for you toget stuck in for my ongoing entertainment 😉

  4. Great blog Rob.

    I am a little way behind you in the building of my 360r, but your blog has enabled me to think about the next step before embarking upon it.

    Great to see it start for the first time.

  5. Thanks Robert. If you have any questions, please give me a shout and I will help if I can. I have really enjoyed the process so far, although I am currently discovering I’ll probably never make it as a carpet fitter.

    Good luck with your build.

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