Winter Jobs

Here’s my list of changes to make to the car over the winter.

Winter jobs list

Winter jobs list

Fitting the adjustable suspension kit will let me raise my ride height from the current ~57 – 59mm with me in the car, which is a constant concern when I’m out in the car and pressing on, or need navigate a speed bump.

Getting the geometry checked is a must after messing about with the springs and ride height. Back to Dreadnought for a shot of their fancy machinery.

I’ve got some harnesses which I didn’t fit before IVA to save on any questions or concerns at the test. I need the right size of bolt for the cross-member before I go any further with this job.

Changing the oil is a must for me after 1600 miles. I’m perhaps a little late doing this but it is what it is. Opinions differ as to whether this oil change is even needed before first service proper. This is likely the job I’ll tackle first.

I need to pop a couple of battens up on the wall to hang the nosecone on to keep it out of the way when I’m working on the suspension, so this will happen before that job.

Checking the brake fluid is a must – I spotted a small leak from the cap when I took the bonnet off this weekend. Probably down to me over-filling the chamber, so I have taken some fluid out and re-fitted the cap. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

Fitting the new number plates needs a bit of admin with the DVLA first, plus I quite fancy a stick-on front plate across the top of the nosecone. I’ll do some investigation into the legality of the plate and whether it meets the rules before committing.

A nice rota of jobs over the winter. I’m looking forward to spending some time in the garage again, after a summer of driving and doing other stuff.

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