IVA trim and final fettle

While the car was at PBC, I sorted insurance. I needed to ring a couple of companies before I found one that would insure on the chassis number for the drive to the IVA – one company in particular insisted it wasn’t possible to be insured on the road without a registration, despite my protestations otherwise.  With a year’s insurance in the bag with A-Plan (thanks for the recommendation Jason), and the car back in the garage after it’s trip to Callendar, I had about 40 hours before my appointment for IVA at the Edinburgh test centre (which is in fact in Livingston outside Edinburgh).

I didn’t have much to do apart from the final dressing of the IVA trim on the bolt heads sticking out in areas potentially contacting a pedestrian in an accident.

It took all of 20 minutes or so, and I elected not to fit the bonnet catch covers until I was on site. In the boot I packed a set of spanners, a couple of adjustable spanners, my remaining IVA trim, some insulation tape, a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers, a few other bits and pieces and then decided to fit my half hood for the drive. The weather was forecast to be raining, hard, but I’d also heard tales of the full hood impairing the rear visibility in that part of the IVA test. If I get wet and pass, I thought, it’ll be worth it.

And that was that. Nothing else to do other than look at my route, plan where to stop to fill up as the test demands a full set of fluids, and work out what time to leave on the Monday morning to get there for my 08:00 appointment. A nervy drive was ahead of me.

Half-hood, side screens, ready to go.

Half-hood, side screens, ready to go.

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