Exhaust Part Two

Time to finally revisit the exhaust and finish it off. I originally mounted the exhaust manifold pipes, cat and silencer, then removed the silencer while I fitted the rear wings. After the wings were on I popped the silencer back on just to keep it out of the way and off the floor of the garage.

So, off with the silencer again and I fitted the heat shield with a couple of simple worm-screw clamps. I also tackled the lambda sensor wiring, which I’ve been planning on tidying up since I originally fitted the cat. I drilled out three rivets along the front edge of the driver’s footwell and used three cable tie mounts from the IVA bag. Slight problem here, the head of the rivet gun would not reach the rivet head inside the cable tie mount. I found a nut small enough fit inside the mount and bridge the gap after a hunt about. I also chose to mount the econoseal connectors on the top of the chassis rail, hopefully out of the way of some of the crap that will be flying about under here soon.

For giggles, I decided to fit the nose cone for the first time. It’s held on with four mounts, two at the front underneath, two at the side towards the rear of the cone. It really changes the look of the car – begins to give it a bit of character.

She's got a nose for the first time.

She’s got a nose for the first time.

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