The Caterham Therapy Group

When I started this blog, I was writing for a couple of reasons:

  • to record for my benefit the process and learning I’m going through in building a car.
  • to hopefully help other builders coming after me, not by sharing my knowledge (which is small) but by showing that someone without lots of technical skill can successfully build a car.

There has been a most unexpected side-effect of the blog, and that is the jokingly named Caterham Therapy Group. This is a small group of current or recent builders who have got in touch to share experiences and knowledge as we move through the process. We’re lucky to have a experienced motor technician in the team, plus a second-time builder to share their knowledge, but we also have other builders going through the same problems, and slightly different ones, at around the same time.

A big shout out to Martin, Jason, Nick, Simon, Robin, Paul and David for all the help, support, shoulders to cry on and solid, great advice that everyone has provided. I know it has only made an already great experience even better – thanks chaps!

2 thoughts on “The Caterham Therapy Group

  1. Hi Rob, great to get the support of other builders as you go through the “journey”. How did you get together, is it something Caterham helped with or through the club?
    Keep up the great posts, they are going to really help me and my son when we come to build our 360 in July as we are complete novices as well.

    • Hi Richard. Most of the guys got in touch through the comments or contact form on this blog. A couple of the other guys (Martin and Jason) also have blogs and have sent a couple of members. It’s not sponsored or supported by Caterham or the Lotus 7 club, but I suspect most of us are members. We’re just enjoying sharing the “journey” and expertise, and I know I have found it particularly useful through the process. We use an app called Telegram, a bit like WhatsApp, if you know that one, to share messages, photos and the odd video.

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