Handbrake lever install

A quick job one evening was fitting the handbrake lever and running the cable rearwards. The handbrake assembly comes decomposed into it’s parts, but is quite straightforward to pull it all together, and the parts were all located in the one bag, so no searching about.

Handbrake lever assembly

Handbrake lever assembly

Once the pins, pulleys and parts above were connected together in the order shown (with the cable in position before fixing the pulley of course), I threaded the cable through the top of the transmission tunnel and towards the back of the car. Then tightened the two fixing bolts to attach the lever to the chassis, and that was it. I’ve gone for the lower of the two possible settings, I’ll review when I’m putting the tunnel top on to see if I decide to stick with it or raise it up a touch. I’ll come back to the cable and how it is located when installing the differential.

2 thoughts on “Handbrake lever install

  1. Hi, I wondered if you know the dimensions of the handbrake? I need to fit a new hand brake to my Dellow and the vertical fitting may work. Do you know the following dimensions button to centre pivot, and centre pivot to handbrake cable centre?

    I would appreciate any help,

    Regards Richard

    • Hi Richard.
      Sorry, I can’t access the handbrake mechanism without removing the tunnel top, which in turn requires me to take my seats out. I did check with other builders I know, but everyone has the same issue as me with access.

      However, I suggest you contact the Caterham parts department on +44 1322 625801 and they’ll be able to help I’m sure. Good luck with your search.

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