Anti-roll bar

Quick and easy, this one. I prepped the bar by shoving the coloured bushes through the brackets with a healthy dollop of silicone lubricant. Then slid the bush and bracket to somewhere near the centre of the ARB, and slipped on the IVA covers, making sure the wider end points to the end of the bar. A dash of Loctite on the bar-end threads and a few twists of the balls later, these were ready for the cups.

I loaded up the cups on the upper wishbones with grease, and popped the LHS ball end into the LHS cup – it went a lot further in than I was expecting. Over to the other side, and with a bit of a grunt and a shove the second ball went home. I did need to give it a fairly hard shove to bend the bar inboard to get the ball into the cup on the RHS, but nothing too dramatic. Once this was done, a push from the front saw both ends of the bar fully home.

I then moved the bushes out to their final locations on the chassis and bolted them into place with the appropriate torque. The finishing touch was fitting the IVA covers into place with black zip ties and snipping the ends off. Very tidy they look too. Even quite shiny, with all that grease I used in the cups.

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