Horns are an Alerting Device!

Comedy translation from (I assume) the original Italian on the box the horns come in.

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Horns are an alerting device!

Chassis steering mount and horns

Chassis steering mount and horns

Horns mounted.

Horns mounted.

Installation of the horns is simple, apart from finding the right nyloc nuts to fix them to the studs in the steering rack chassis mount. No need for drilling holes like the 420 builders. The right nuts can be found in the Miscellaneous Fixings pack 20P012A (of course). Thank you Andrew Bissell. Similarly to Andrew, I also needed a breaker bar and my trusty vice to free up the 13mm nut in the centre of the horn to allow alignment of the connections for the wiring with the wires themselves. Now, just a bit of cable-tidying to do and a decision to make whether to follow Andrew’s lead on filling the upright plastic electrical connectors with silicone.

4 thoughts on “Horns are an Alerting Device!

  1. Good luck for Sunday, my wife and I took 3 hours to get engine and box in on a Sat afternoon but very satisfying. Excellent photo’s keep ’em coming, you will need them to get IVA test appointment (sent mine on a flash drive with application), not returned so buy a cheap one.

    Regards Robin (Stratford-upon-Avon)

  2. Just to say that I am following your blog. Great photos by the way. I’m not far of the same place as you in my build (360 S3), maybe slightly behind. My uprights arrived yesterday. Good luck with you build. Feel free to email if you have any questions although Im a first time builder so not sure what help I could be apart from morale support. Cheers Nick (East Sussex)

    • Thanks Nick. Always good to have a bit of support from a fellow builder. Uprights seem to be an issue for a lot of builds at the moment. Good luck with your build too – keep in touch.

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