Roll-over bar install

The roll-over bar needs to go onto the car before the rear suspension, so while waiting for my front uprights to arrive, I decided this was a good target for a job to progress the car.

The chassis comes with the bolts for the rear dampers inserted into the upper mount points, so the first job was to remove these.

After this, it’s just 6 bolts away from installed. First drop the roll-over bar into position. The base of the main down-tube sits in a couple of recesses in line with the seatbelt mounting points.

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All you then need to do is add the bolts and tighten up. Sounds easy, and it was up until the rear mount points. The locating of the down-tube into the recesses and loose fitting of the set screws was straightforward. The positioning of the screws into the boss from the underside of the chassis, also easy. The locating of the bolts through the rear fixing points, anything but. I ended up struggling, even with an extra pair of hands, to drive a drift through the bolt holes of the brackets and in the roll-over bar. I first did this on the side that was furthest out, my theory being that this would mean the other side would remain easier to fit. At this point I read the label on the roll-over bar stating “precision laser engineering” and had a wry smile to myself.

Getting the second drift into place was a challenge, but easier than the first.  Driving the drifts out as the bolts went home required a bit of fiddling and leverage from the two of us, but before long the nyloc nuts were on and torqued. Learnings from the headlamp bracket install and lower wishbone spacer install came in handy here. There is a place for brute force in this build.

3 thoughts on “Roll-over bar install

  1. Thanks, Great Write Up.
    Getting ready to install FIA Bar in 84 1700 Super Sprint. Is there good way to locate the Mounting Boss for the Petty Strut that is located somewhere behind the Skin on the Passengers side and/or do you have any photos ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hey Scott. Sorry I can’t help with this, having not installed a petty strut. I think the manual is pretty clear on the location of the boss and you should be able to locate it through the skin with a bit of pressing and guessing. A pilot hole should let you know if you have the right location. Good luck!

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