Tool chest unboxing

Has anyone filmed an unboxing of a tool chest and uploaded it to the internet? Probably not, but had I not been excited, far more excited than I should be at the thought of unpacking and setting up of the tool chest, I might have.

Tool chest and engine hoist in boxes.

Tool chest and engine hoist in boxes.

The boxes arrived on Thursday and have been looking at me ever since. Finally, last night (Monday), I caved and decided to build the chest. I’ve bought this one, currently on offer, from the lovely folk at SGS Engineering in Derby. Ordered on Tuesday night, they arrived “next day” delivery, which was Thursday as I missed the cutoff on Tuesday.

First impressions: the boxes are bloody heavy. As I manhandled the base into an empty bit of floor space I nearly had to call for help. On opening the box, the cabinet is really nicely finished in black, solid construction and easy to assemble. It’s as simple as attaching the castors and handle. Bolt on the castors (but make sure you work out where the articulated ones go first, which I didn’t think through and had to do a bit of unbolting). At least this process gave me time to reflect that there is something very satisfying about using a ratchet spanner.

Cabinet on it's way to being unboxed

Cabinet on it’s way to being unboxed

Base unit wheels on, side handle bolted on, then removed and bolted on to the end with the articulated castors (you pillock – this does not bode well for the car build), it’s time to try the drawers. Lovely smooth ball bearing action. Lined too, nice foam inserts are included, plus labels for the drawers if that’s your thing.

Full frontal of the tool cabinet

Full frontal

The middle and top cabinets don’t require any assembly and slot together nicely with the cabinet. There are separate, different keys for each unit, and the top unit drawers only open when the top lid is open – took me a minute or two of head scratching to work this out. Under the top lid there is also a little removable tool tray for the frequently used, favourite tools. In no time, I’ve got a tall tool chest ready to go.

I spend a few minutes being surprised at the height of it (although I did measure it up before buying) and it should sit just under the shelves, or to one side of the garage depending on my mood.

Finally, I spent a few minutes loading up a drawer. You know, just so I can see what it’s going to look like; I will admit it, I was thinking about this post when I did it. Are you ready for a bit of tool porn?  (By the way, don’t be tempted to Google that). Are you sure? OK, I’ve given you fair warning…

Ratchet spanner tool porn

Ratchet spanner tool porn

I’m properly chuffed with the tool cabinet. Great value for the quality of the merchandise and plenty of room for my kit. I can finally get the tools organised, in their place and know where I can get my hands on them. Another step closer to a prepared garage.

Now, back to the painting of the walls and ceiling.

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