Holy moly, this is taking ages

First coat of watered-down emulsion

First coat of watered-down emulsion

The garage has turned into a bit of a grind. I’m sure if you have taken on this sort of work yourself, you’ll be sniggering into your screen right now. Progress is visible, but glacial. You’d need to watch a time-lapse movie taken over weeks to see any difference. My time out there in the unexplored depths of the abyss seems to just disappear. Move stuff, paint a bit, have a cuppa. Paint another coat on the thing. Move stuff. Have a cuppa. I’m glad I’m not subject to a time and motion survey. Another thing is slowing me down; as I start a job I decide I really ought to do that job too, you know, while I am here.

Painting the walls

Comparison of first and second coats on the wall and ceilings

So far, and since the last post, one wall has had a couple of coats of white emulsion, half the ceiling is painted and part of the back wall. I’ve taken down shelves on one wall, Hammerited the brackets, made a decision to paint the shelves (they were bare wood) and gone with a, shall we say, unusual choice of red top coat. I needed some colour in there away from the black of the floor and white of the walls. Maybe I’ll regret it, but it feels like it’ll look pretty good at the moment.

Workbench back in proper use

Workbench back in proper use, and those red shelves

One good thing, I’ve rescued my workbench from the back wall and cleared it of all the crap. I’ve actually started to use it as a workbench rather than just a way to keep stuff off the floor.

I’ve about 10 weeks to go before the kit gets delivered. It’s feeling like it’s going to be a tight squeeze.

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