Project Binky

I’ve just come across this series of YouTube videos, produced by Bad Obsession Motorsport, which on the surface appears to be a couple of blokes in a garage mucking about with a Mini project. From the start, the tone is set by the title sequence: ripped off from the old US TV series Police Squad, complete with the episode title/voiceover mismatch. Because they pitch the series light-heartedly, it would be easy to dismiss as just a bit of fun. This belies the level of skill, attention to detail, fabrication and engineering skills on display. This includes manufacturing the jigs and some of the equipment they need to complete the job, my favourite being the Grinder Scarecrow.

The first episode was posted a couple of years ago, and the most recent, Episode 13, just a couple of days ago. If you have a project car or, like me, are just dipping your toes in the water and getting scared at how cold it is, these lads make it look fun and challenging without being patronising.

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