Me and my midden

Yes, it’s a mess and some of it is even mine. This is the “before” picture of the garage. Bikes, a motorbike, toys, tools, toys, a BBQ, pram, toys, buggy, beer fridge (that’s staying) and a froggy chair. A lot of stuff to shift.

Garage before.

The before picture. Hopefully there is an after in my future and before the kit arrives in October.

The floor tiles have now been ordered. I went for black Ecotile 500/7. Slightly different from the ones in the earlier Preparation post, these will have an exposed joint between the tiles. I’m happy that they will be tough, resilient to fluid spills and easy to lay. Easy or not, there is a lot to do, and with just ~12 weeks to go, I had better get on with it.

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